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Montana Environmental Health Association    PO BOX 9306 Missoula, MT 59807

The Montana Environmental Health Association (MEHA) is a nonprofit group of professionals who work to protect public health in ways that are related to our everyday environment.  Many of our members work in the fields of food safety, public accommodations, drinking water protection, wastewater treatment, air quality, solid waste disposal and public health complaints.

 Our membership is comprised of a variety of professions including registered sanitarians also known as environmental health specialists.  We are an affiliate of the National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) 

 Our mission is to maintain and improve the standards of performance of professionals in the field of Environmental Health in Montana through education and outreach.

 MEHA Executive Board
 Officers Contact Information
 Association Records
 President Sarah Robbin406.444.5303 Get Adobe Reader
 MEHA Bylaws
 Past PresidentVacant
 Articles of Incorp
 Vice PresidentSadie Overlie406.444.2823 MEHA Origins
 TreasurerDustin Schreiner406.994.6455 MEHA Foundation
 SecretaryRhonda Knudsen406.454.6953 
 Alt. Treasurer/Director
 DirectorJohn Palacio406.375.6568 
 DirectorValerie Stacey
 DirectorAnna Baxter406.883.7236
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